SDK Introduces Your Personal Life Assurance Strategy.

Your Personal Life Assurance Strategy starts with a consultation. In that meeting, we’ll determine your personal insurance strategy…exactly the protection you and your family need – Life, Disability, Long Term Care, or even Health, Dental, & Vision. We call it your Personal Life Assurance Strategy

SDK Has The Managed Care Health Insurance You’re Looking For

Whether it’s a HMO – Health Maintenance Organization, a PPO – Preferred Provider Organization, or a POS – Point of Service Health Plan, SDK will help choose just the right plan for Managed Care Health Insurance. SDK will insure that the medical services you need are quickly identified and applied to your Life Assurance Strategy. SDK can even open a Health Savings Account to help you save for medical bills – tax free.

SDK Will Make Sure You Get The Best Life Insurance Available

SDK works with over 45 of the nation’s top Life Insurance Companies. Together, we choose just the right plan for you and your needs. SDK represents you not an insurance company. We develop an Insurance Plan based on your needs first. Then we survey the field of providers and see to it that you get the maximum coverage for your budget. Together, we'll build a strategy that will keep you and yours prepared for all of life's uncertainties.

SDK Has A Plan For Long Term Care

Some of us may need Long Term Care Insurance. All of us at SDK can help. Long Term Care is the kind of coverage that provides Nursing Home Care, In-Home Health Care, Personal or Adult Day Care. SDK can even provide you with Long Term Care for chronic or disabling conditions.

We Provide Insurance For Those With HB-1 0r Hb-4 Visas

If you have an HB-1 or HB-4 Visa, SDK is fully qualified to assist you with getting insurance coverage. We’ll make sure you're fully qualified for coverage here in the States. Cases may vary, but we have the expertise and experience to fully assist you with your insurance needs. Please feel free to call us immediately and we’ll quickly arrange things for you.

SDK Can Help You With Term Life Insurance Too

This insurance has a specific application and set coverage periods. It’s what is known as a Pure Life Insurance because it has a limited duration on the coverage period based on an exact worth amount. We have coverage periods for 10, 20, or 30 years. SDK can help you with all the details. It is strictly a life insurance mechanism that will insure the holder for a certain time, value, and coverage.

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