Your SDK Life Assurance Strategy will include finding the right Health Insurance plan for you, too

The Health Insurance you may need and want might be what’s called Managed Care Health Insurance. This type of Health Insurance covers medical services from a specific network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Managed care plans include HMO Plans – Health Maintenance Organization plans and PPO – Preferred Provider Organization plans and POS - Point of Service Health Plans.

With Managed Care Plans, policyholders can even open a Health Savings Account, to save money tax free for medical bills. SDK will sit down with you and discover exactly which plan would satisfy your particular needs and budget, of course.

Your SDK Assurance Strategy will make sure you understand all your options before you choose a Health Provider.

One of the biggest advantages Individual Health Insurance has over employer coverage is the immense number of choices. With an employer, you might only have one or two plans to choose from. Not in the individual market — it offers hundreds of different options, each with varying benefits and rates.

With our service here at SDK, you’ll be able to compare multiple plan options from many health insurance companies. SDK represents dozens (more?) of insurers including (?) Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana(?) and a host of other companies for you to choose from. SDK offers unique health insurance solutions, always giving you a wealth of options to choose from.

SDK knows you may need a Dental and/or Vision Plan, too. So, those plans are part of SDK’S Life Assurance Strategy, too.

We’ll council with you and discover just the right coverage you want. Again, we know one size doesn’t fill all. So we’ll examine a great many, from a wealth of providers, and find the one plan that meets your special needs…and budget.

Whether you’re self-employed, work part-time, semi retire or covered through an employer…whatever the situation, SDK will work with you and find a plan that’s just right for you.

We’ll find you a Dental Plan that will fit your budget and your needs. Your SDK Dental Plan may include preventive services including cleaning, X-Rays even oral exams. We’ll even make sure that pre-existing conditions are included too. We’ll see to it that you’ll have a large network of Dentists in your area and specialists to choose from, as well.

When it comes to your vision, SDK will give you just the right focus there too.

Your vision plan can include things like an annual eye examine offering particular advantages like Frames, Lenses and contacts, even Designer Frames. Your SDK Vision care will even cover existing conditions and discounts for special procedures. It will offer low prices, no waiting periods and, sometimes, even no deductibles.

SDK gives you our guarantee that whatever needs you have, we’ll listen and design a strategy that fits only your needs, not ours. That’s your Personal Life Assurance Strategy. It’s something that only SDK will give you. It’s your assurance that you’ll get exactly the coverage you need.

So whatever Insurance needs you may have, whether it’s Health Insurance, Dental Insurance or, even, Eye Care, please give SDK a call at 678-521-8484 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll explain our insurance strategies and the various advantages only SDK offers.