SDK Is An Expert In Term Life Insurance And Its Purpose

Term Life Insurance is not for everyone, but is always available if you need it.

Term Life Insurance has a set coverage period, from a beginning date to an end date. It insures the policy holder for loss of life during a period of temporary coverage. It’s up to the policy holder to decide to renew or end this type of coverage on a specific date.

Term Life Insurance is Based On A Few Significant Variables.

Monthly Premiums for Term Life are based on the insured’s age, health and the Insurance Provider’s determination of life expectancy. SDK will work with you to determine these factors.

Term Life Insurance Is Only Temporary.

Coverage for Term Life Insurance is temporary. It ends when family members, who receive the policy benefits, no longer need the protection of the insured’s policy value. SDK recomends, 10, 20, or 30 year policies.

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